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Enabling Smart Buildings using IOT part 2

The real estate development is currently taking a new direction. Building development options are shifting from BAS to Building Internet of Things to enhance comfortability and attractiveness of the building. Building Internet of Things technology was founded and developed by Jim Young, who currently works as the

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Enabling Smart Buildings Using IOT part 1

Smart buildings were designed to incorporate technology that uses automation so that buildings were more efficient. They have a physical and digital infrastructure that provides services in a cost effective and reliable method. This can help reduce energy use and improve cost reliability. Buildings use proactive monitors

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Leadership Communication in the Workplace

If you want to be a productive and effective manager, you need to be a good communicator and have excellent leadership skills. You must be able to share your knowledge with the people you manage and be productive in what you do. In order to provide the

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Developing Workplace Leaders

Great Place To Work recently convened one of their bi-annual Executive Strategy Network conferences hosted by PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York City. Here gathered a culture of progressive leadership development, practiced by the esteemed companies who compose their membership. About 60 organizations were in attendance, including American Express,

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15 Automatic Behaviors Of Successful Leaders

Everybody can appreciate a good leader. Why do we though? What is that particular pattern of behavior that brings about such success, such charisma? Let’s get into the basics of how a successful leader operates. These people do these so often, it’s become like muscle memory. Just

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Internet of things devices grow in 2016

There is no question that the internet has totally transformed the way that we do just about everything in our day to day lives. In fact, if you were to sit back and think about how you would have done various menial tasks in the past, you

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Leadership strategies that matter

  History has seen many CEOs and entrepreneurs making name and fame. They come and go every time but their business thrives and survives through various ordeals. Why? Because, these leaders leave behind a long lasting impression in the form of company culture for others to follow.

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