Developing Workplace Leaders

Great Place To Work recently convened one of their bi-annual Executive Strategy Network conferences hosted by PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York City. Here gathered a culture of progressive leadership development, practiced by the esteemed companies who compose their membership. About 60 organizations were in attendance, including American Express, Vanguard, Morningstar, and Darden Restaurants, to discuss the prioritization strategies and best practices used by high-trust companies, to foster a diverse workforce which holds people and culture as coveted values.

This opportunity to join an enlightened dialogue on leadership development included extensive discussion of Great Place To Work co-founder Amy Lyman’s book ‘The Trustworthy Leader.’ Also practiced were experiential educational exercises, led by partners, Action Learning Associates.

The themes generally of focus for the event were:

  • Honor
  • Inclusion
  • Sharing
  • Developing others
  • Balanceing uncertainty with opportunity

Some of the best objectives for encouraging responsible leadership development practiced and advocated by PricewaterhouseCoopers, that received the most significant attention were:

Grooming Generation Y for leadership roles:

PwC recruits 174 colleges to facilitate making the bulk of their new associate force Generation Y. They also maintain many development opportunities that include senior associates advancement to their next stage of their career.

Participants express enthusiastic appreciation for these conventions to aid in both professional and personal growth. Associates of PwC are provided with a dynamic learning environment in a resort setting in California. There they engage in experiential exercises designed to encourage self leadership, cultivating a team environment, and owning personal responsibility in a leading role with PwC.

Including all levels of leadership:

An aggressive strategy utilized by PwC is to begin the discussion of leadership development as soon as tenure begins. PwC maintains persistent standards for:

  • Self awareness
  • Modeling
  • Listening
  • Making tough decisions

PwC has found their consistency in this preparation to spawn well-prepared leaders, with years of insight by the time their formal induction to a leading role begins.

Cultivating diversity in the leadership force

PwC is aggressive in fostering diversity. Their Chief Diversity Officer and panel of other diversity leaders develop the internal framework which encourages women and ethnic minorities to receive the attention that ensures this population are coached for a future in a leading role. One program gaining special focus this year even escalates mentorship programs to the level of sponsorship. This is an advanced approach to management readiness for potential leaders and partners.

In addition to PwC’s powerful leadership development framework, this gathering of the Best Companies To Work For also highlighted the most successful leadership development implementations of other member Companies.

Realizing the importance of physical health on a leaders performance, SAS educates associates on the best lifestyle tactics to develop a sustainable energy level.

Build-a-Bear CEO, Maxine Clark, emphasizes how cultivation of a sense of honor can energize and inspire a workforce interested in a long-term relationship with their organization.

Baptist Health South Florida promotes inspiration by nominating a “Working Mother of the Year.”

Leaders lead by example at CHG Healthcare, where they begin an exercise of sharing their strengths and weaknesses after a SWOT analysis.

This event marked another promising advancement of conscientious leadership development sure to influence professional standards and objectives even beyond the membership ranks of Great Places To Work.

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