Enabling Smart Buildings Using IOT part 1

Smart buildings were designed to incorporate technology that uses automation so that buildings were more efficient. They have a physical and digital infrastructure that provides services in a cost effective and reliable method. This can help reduce energy use and improve cost reliability. Buildings use proactive monitors that can detect errors. Smart buildings manufactorers have offered these buildings for over twenty five years. Many were purchased and man companies invested in the Intelligent Smart buildings. Now the suppliers and manufactors are adopting a new title called “Building Internet of Things” or BloT leaving those involved wondering if it is different or improved or just renamed.

Investors are somewhat cautious since they have yet to determine if improvements have been made. Few benefits from the previous investments ever materialized. The evolution of smart buildings has been slow over the last two and a half decades. New intelligent buildings have core building systems that create many advantages such as:

* reduced capital
*reduced operational cost
*risk identification and management
*support and enhancement
*data driven decision making

With these newer and improved modifications, suppliers are very optimistic that everyone will be pleased with these new improvements. The development of urban smart communities is on the rise. There are so many positives to this new way of building and living.

With better and ever changing technology, the collection of data enables buildings to work more efficiently. Data must be collected over a “grace” period so projections can be targeted and proposed. Data can be used to eliminate energy draining faults. It can also keep energy savings locked in to sustain savings. It also can offer a security system that is light years above the older versions. Companies with Intelligent buildings have a local network with an on site server. This makes invasions and breeches in security much less likely.

Smart Buildings provide developers and owners with buildings or communities with an easier way to manage, operate, and meet environmental and financial goals. Smart buildings use designs that integrate design, systems (building and facility), and communications with technology solutions that provide a balanced system that operates efficiently. These solutions are sustainable because of the integration of technology and this collected data is used to improve the systems working to improve owner or company improvements.

Time and development will tell how much the improvements have gained. Owners and manufactorers are waiting to see how the improvements will affect them. The much anticipated wait for the improvements will once again allow for better improvement on smart buildings or it could very likely begin the slow and very costly demise of the Intelligent building. The development of this new age building has so many positives for everyone involved. Development must be precise and exact in order to gain and keep investors. Each day technology improves and hopefully the steps taken to develop smart buildings will improve as well. With all new developments in buildings and in companies, there must be a timely fashion in which faults and problems are detected and altered so that the product can be seen in a positive light. Changing the name won’t be enough. Building Internet of Things must prove that improvements are worth and wait.

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