Leadership Communication in the Workplace

If you want to be a productive and effective manager, you need to be a good communicator and have excellent leadership skills. You must be able to share your knowledge with the people you manage and be productive in what you do. In order to provide the kind of leadership your employees need to help them succeed, your communication and management skills must be developed and refined.

Develop and Refine Communication Skills

In order for your staff members to understand your expectations and instructions, you must develop good communications skills. This can be achieved by holding regular meetings with your staff in order to discuss progress on projects, departmental and company news and achievements. A sense of connection and purpose will develop when employees know and understand what you do and why you do it. When employees encounter problems that they are unable to solve on their own, they need to know ahead of time that you will be available to offer solutions and provide guidance. Leaders need to develop the ability to read between the lines. It is important to know what employees are saying but even more important, to find out what they are not saying.

Empower Employees

Employees also need to be empowered. It gives them autonomy and allows them to make certain decisions pertaining to their work. Employees may quickly become disinterested in their work when they are told constantly what to do and how to do it. This, of course, can hinder productivity. Keep in mind; an employee may not always finish a project perfectly but as long as he or she produces results in a timely manner, the outcome is more important than the method. Keep employees in the loop concerning how much authority they have and then follow up regularly to see if they are on track. When you give employees the power to succeed or fail, according to CBS Money Watch, you show that you have confidence in their abilities.

Recognize Achievements

Productive and good leaders know that employees are not only motivated by money but by how they are recognized for the work they do. Recognize and praise employees at staff meetings, give them more responsibility with new assignments; and do all of this as a reward for good work. If your budget allows, give monetary awards such as cash bonuses and gift cards. Allowing employees to work flexible schedules, offering an extra vacation day; are other ways to motivate and show appreciation. Expectations and goals may be surpassed, when employees feel that the work they do is appreciated.

Be a Role Model

Leaders do much more than tell employees what to do; they also show by their attitudes and examples how work should be done. Your staff looks to you for guidance and vision and as someone to emulate. If they see you confused when faced with a problem, they will probably react the same way when faced with a similar problem. Keep in mind; your employees notice how many hours you work and how dedicated you are to your work. You set the standard for your department when you work hard ensuring that your customers are satisfied and your goals are met. Leadership involves creating rules and policies for their staff, as well as providing guidance, advice and inspiration for the people who work for them.

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  • September 29, 2020
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Finishing out September small social gatherings with a  September Happy Hour. Please join us a the rockin’ restaurant Sambuca’s , located in the Gulch. This too is an in person meeting , but only has seating for 50 people. We will continue our discussion of the new IFMA Nashville meeting format, locations, special events. a (more…) →

  • October 12, 2020
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Please join us for a day of golf Monday, October 12th, 2020! CSI and IFMA are excited to co-host our annual golf outing at Gaylord Springs Golf Course