Unwasted: The Future of Business on Earth

If you throw it away, where does it go? From the trapezoid of trash mentioned in the video to the tipping fees…..Truth is….there is no “away.”

This full length documentary provides an overview of the waste industry. When we consider all the waste generated, it’s crucial to understand the costs involved and the options to turn waste into a resource. If your facility has not started a recycling program, seeing the simple steps to get a program started may make the transition easier. What about purchasing more sustainable products or starting a composting program? See how different facilities deal with waste, engage people to participate, and realize the cost benefits in this 54 minute video.

While this video focuses on west coast activity, progressive companies here are on board too and local governments are moving in this direction. Be informed. Be a leader.

Bonus….the next video is on Construction and Demolition debris (c&d debris) which constitutes about half of landfill space.