Too much noise in any office can be very distracting to all of the employees. There is nothing worse than being in your office, trying to have a conversation with a client, and the only thing heard is a discussion between your coworkers.

The problem with close quarters in any office or conference area is the sound of muffled noise issues that come through in an open office. This is a common problem in many office spaces, especially with the HVAC system may actually cover some of the wayward sounds. If the HVAC system does not cancel out the distracting noises, the space may actually be a good candidate for a masking system. This is often referred to as a nondescript white noise, sound masking will block distracting noises. This will improve the privacy level. This can curb all the muffled noises that echo in the open office space.

There are trendy office designs that often incorporate exposed structural elements into the interior design. Steel and concrete beams are just two examples.

It has been a trend to have exposed structures. It would also be true that these structures do not have enough sound absorption. This may be the cause of may extra noises that are muffled throughout the office area. The noises and conversation then bounce around which leads to much distraction.

There is one more option to be offered in order to reduce the muffled noise. It is a simple ceiling fan. *The fans over certain areas may have the ability to lower the vibration and noise level.

There are many solutions available that will reduce the noises in an open office. Employees do not have to feel aggravated at work because of a high noise level. For more information about sound masking click here

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