The Integration of Sustainability into the facility management process is a natural fit


Learn about innovative sustainability practices, events, initiatives and projects created by IFMA members!

Professional Development

Join your peers in setting up your building with the most advanced sustainable practices


Engage other facility managers in the group discussions on sustainable practices, and the how-to.


IFMA’s SFP® is an assessment-based certificate program delivering a specialty credential in sustainability. By earning your SFP credential, you will develop and gain recognition for your expertise in sustainable FM practices while impacting your organization’s economic, environmental and social bottom lines.

The IFMA SFP Credential Program® is the only tool you’ll need to earn your SFP credential in one complete program. This interactive program will teach the knowledge, skills and tools needed to develop sustainable facility management practices and also includes the final SFP assessments required to earn the SFP credential

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What people are saying

Ted Helm
Ted HelmModular Designs
I have been an IFMA member in five different cities over my career. (IFMA Nashville is obviously the best!) Frankly, IFMA been one of my anchors through that time. I’ve developed a number of IFMA friendships that have been so helpful with both personal and professional advice. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been able to talk through facility issues rather than learn the hard way. It’s hard to choose my favorite meeting, but the most fun was the first time I heard Russ sing the Facility Managers’ Christmas Song.
Jeff Martin, FMP
Jeff Martin, FMPCaterpillar Financial
I have been involved with IFMA since 2008, after my previous manager suggested I join to get some experience in the FM world, network with others in the field and gain additional knowledge and education. I enjoy the monthly meetings and have learned many things and picked up on some great ideas throughout the years, which I have applied in my career. When I am able to attend World Workplace events, I find those valuable to further my education and help keep up with what is new, trending and learn from others, discussing best practices. I see this not only as a benefit to my personal growth, but to my employer as well.  I have watched  IFMA Nashville grow since 2008 and have always enjoyed visiting other facilities and learning what they do, how they manage things and love the fact that we get the “behind the scenes” tour and info that most do not. I would say my favorite event, to date, was the tour of the state capital building and I look forward to the future of our Chapter as it continues to grow.
Debbie Robertson, CFM
Debbie Robertson, CFMAsurion
My IFMA membership has been invaluable to me throughout my career in Facility Management. I’ve enjoyed participating on the Board with talented professionals that are committed to supporting our IFMA members. There are many benefits, but I would say that the top three call outs are (1) Knowledge sharing - being able to tap into theexperience and knowledge of both our professional and associate members; (2) educational opportunities for my FM team to learn about best and next practices and go for their credentials; and (3) being able to spend time networking at some of our afterhours events like the Toast and Tours. The 2014 Christmas party was one of my favorite events. The venue was perfect and it was fun and inviting.
Blair Bego
Blair BegoEMS
I have been involved with IFMA since relocating to Nashville in 2013. In these few short years, I have served on the Programs Committee, Sustainability Committee and since 2014 have been the Events Committee Chair. In addition to my personal involvement, my company —Executive Management Services, Inc — has been a proud sponsor of the Chapter since 2012. This is an awesome (and growing) city and I feel that our IFMA Chapter fits right in line with that description! I am grateful for the relationships and friendships I have developed through my involvement with this group.As the Events Chair, its difficult for me to pick a favorite, but a few events that truly stand out in my mind are the 2014 Membership Appreciation Event at Jack Daniels Distillery and last year’s Holiday Cocktail Party at East Ivy Mansion. I am also really looking forward to the upcoming Haunted Tour of Franklin and this year’s Holiday Party at OZ Arts Nashville. I hope to see you all out and about at our monthly Toast & Tour Events or any of our special events throughout the year, including our annual Golf Outing, Holiday Party and Membership Appreciation Events!
Chris Corby, CFM, LEED AP
Chris Corby, CFM, LEED APSFM
For nearly all of my fifteen years of involvement with IFMA Nashville, I have served in some capacity on the board or on a committee.  I love the membership meetings,events, tours, and educational opportunities.  But for me, the real value of IFMA comes from the networking and the long and strong relationships I have built withboard members over the years.  Lis Wyatt, Director of Plant Operations at Vanderbilt, is a great example of this for me.  I think she and I walked into our first IFMANashville chapter meeting back around 1999 or 2000.  Our friendship has been very important, but also important to me is that I can pick up the phone and call her andknow that I will not only connect, but I can rely on getting intelligent, honest and candid feedback.
April Vance, BSN, MSPT
April Vance, BSN, MSPTDunross Ergonomics
I have been a member for 2 years and an active member for 1 year.The meetings are always productive in education, general knowledge, or meeting the other members. The after hour events are particularly wonderful for getting to knowthe members that I met at the meetings. The events are creative and organized. They are a real pleasure to attend.The behind the scenes tours are a particular favorite of mine. The Vanderbilt University Power Plant was unbelievable. Just unbelievable. As an associate member, andnot a Facility Manager, there would simply never be an opportunity, such as this, to see how things work and the skill sets required to manage them all.
JC Blakely, CFM
JC Blakely, CFMPICA Group
I took the CFM exam in 1983 to bolster my career.  Only later would I realize what a great investment I had made.  Being a Certified Facility Manager has served mewell for over thirty years by enhancing my job knowledge and my professionalism.  My CFM designation has enabled me to collaborate with colleagues around the countryand become a leader within my company.
Angel Herendeen
Angel HerendeenBrickman Landscaping
I have enjoyed networking and getting to know the members of IFMA Nashville!  I have been a member for almost 2 years and in that time I have met so many wonderfulpeople in different facets of the industry.  One of my favorite events was our Night with the Nashville Sounds.  It was a fantastic turnout and the event waseducational and fun.  The charm of this group is definitely its members.  I would recommend IFMA Nashville to all Facility Management Professionals and serviceproviders.
Jennifer Cox
Jennifer CoxNashville Machine
I have been involved with IFMA for a little over 2 years. Shortly after joining the organization I was asked to be involved with our social events committee, which isa blast! One of my favorite events was a Christmas party we had. It was such a great time and I look forward to helping plan the next one! Soon after that I joined theBoard as Secretary, and let me just say what a wonderful group of people to work with. What has been so beneficial to me since joining IFMA has been being a part of ateam that makes a difference. We collectively make decisions that have an impact on the success of IFMA. We all work together for a common goal and for these reasons Ihave been blessed to be part of a great organization and look forward to continuing my involvement in the future!Let me just say, that you are missing out if you aren't a member of IFMA!
Kathleen Maxwell
Kathleen MaxwellMaxwell Roofing
Some benefits that I have experienced personally through IFMA are networking and facility knowledge.  I have been an IFMA member for approximately two years, and inthat time I have learned how to interact with business people of all ages and trades.  Coming straight out of college into the construction world was quite theexperience for me, and IFMA has helped me create relationships that further my career and personal life.  Recently, I have helped out on the communications board,which has allowed me to be more engaged with the IFMA community.  The monthly luncheons contain interesting topics with educational value while networking with thosearound you.  The Toast & Tour events allow you to meet others in a more relaxed environment after the work day is through.  My favorite event was the Bridgestone ArenaTour, followed by a Predators game (Go Preds!)  I love supporting Nashville as a local native.
Brian Hook, FMP
Brian Hook, FMPCBRE | AIG Account
One of the benefits that I have experienced personally is the education. The FMP course has been a great tool for me and helped me to gain more knowledge of thefacility management world. I have been a member of IFMA Nashville for about 3 years and continue to be part of the board. Each and every monthly meeting is packed fullof networking and education for the FM professionals. One of my favorite events was when we toured the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, TN. I would recommend youcome to a meeting very soon. Another great time we had was at the Christmas party a few years ago. Some folks really enjoyed themselves that night
Brian Anderson, CFM
Brian Anderson, CFMCBRE | AIG Account
I’ve been in IFMA for many years.  We’ll just say “decades”.  I only occasionally attended meetings, rarely helped out with the Chapter and thought I needed to onlyfocus on work with my employer.  When I moved to Nashville in early 2012 my life had recently changed in dramatic fashion.  So with some spare time and a new desire toexcel in my profession I jumped into a leadership role as Chapter VP later that year.  Here I am 3 years later and now in my second term as Chapter President. In thattime I have developed more business contacts than I could have ever imagined and found not only personal reward but professional accomplishment beyond myexpectations.  I always knew I should have done this long ago! So my advice to anyone that is thinking about stepping forward and helping out is to reach out tosomeone in the Chapter and join us in the fun!
Chris Weir
Chris WeirLee Company
IFMA Nashville is a vibrant organization filled with people who want to help others by providing knowledge and skills to support each other in their respectivecareers. Meetings and social gatherings are always well attended with professionals from many different areas of the industry who always willing to exchange ideas onhow to address facility management challenges in the region. I have been a member of several industry organizations but in my first year’s membership with IFMANashville, I have met more people and made more friends across a broader scope of experience and knowledge than I had with any other organization in the region.
Becca Beasley Rowland
Becca Beasley RowlandModular Designs
I was encouraged to join IFMA Nashville in 2006 by my boss, Ted Helm.  Within a few months, I  began taking an active role by volunteering on various chaptercommittees. By July 2007, I took the plunge and decided to Chair the Membership Committee!  This role as Membership Chair has by far been the best decision for myprofessional growth.  It has allowed me to network and develop a deeper relationship with our members, many of whom I call friends.One of my favorite IFMA Nashville moments was attending the Awards of Excellence dinner at World Workplace 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona.  That year IFMA Nashville wasawarded Small Chapter of the Year!!We are not just a sterile organization.  We are personal.  We are connected. We are a community. We are IFMA Nashville.
Lis Wyatt, CFM
Lis Wyatt, CFMVanderbilt University
When I set out to search for a new and challenging position after retiring from a successful 20 year military career as an Army Engineer Officer, IFMA Nashville became my primary networking professional association home.  As a member of IFMA I was able to not only network with local facility professionals and associates, but most important I was able to receive and take advantage of the many chapter professional development offerings.  Little did I know then, that a fellow chapter member sitting next to me in one of many meetings would become my next boss and the one who helped me launch my 13-year, and still counting, career at Vanderbilt University with the Department of Plant Operations?

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