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    Setting the trend in the facility management industry right here in nashville, TN

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About our IFMA Chapter

Setting the trend in the facility management industry right here in nashville, TN


Founded in 1980, IFMA is the largest and most widely recognized professional association for facility management, supporting more than 18,500 members in promoting efficient, effective, safe and humane workplaces. The Association’s members are represented in 125 chapters and 15 councils in 65 countries worldwide. Globally, IFMA certifies facility managers, conducts research, provides educational programs, recognizes facility management degree and certificate programs and produces World Workplace, the largest facility management-related conference and exposition.

IFMA realizes its vision and mission through the accomplishment of the following goals:

  • Forecast and direct the course of facility management practices

  • Provide superior facility related education, information and interaction

  • Create greater awareness and recognition of facility management

  • Guide the growth of the facility management industry


Chartered September 17, 1987, the Nashville Chapter of IFMA is the largest in the state of Tennessee and is dedicated to the promotion and development of the facility management profession in Middle Tennessee. We strive to address the daily challenges and networking needs of our local facility professionals and vendor partners.

Our Professional Members represent a wide spectrum of business sectors and our Associate Members represent the providers of services and products that support the Facility Management profession.

We meet the third Tuesday of each month for lunch time seminars and networking opportunities. For information on our next meeting and other events of interest, please check out our Events Calendar. Please join us!


International Facility Management Association (IFMA)

The Nashville Chapter of the International Facility Management Association strives to be the association of choice for facilities professionals, technical service consultants, and other facility-related product and service providers which comprise the workplace management professions. We will attract and retain these individuals by providing an environment and opportunity for information sharing, networking, learning and professional and personal development of all members.

Our Monthly Luncheon Meetings

Our regular monthly luncheon meetings take place the 3rd Tuesday of each month. We discuss topics of interest and educational value to the facilities professional in a relaxed environment conducive to thought provoking discussion, networking and fellowship.

To join us please go to our Events Calendar and click on the Read More button.
Lunch is on us for first time guests!

Unless otherwise noted in our calendar, our meetings take place at:
3106 West End AveNashville,

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To guide and advance the professional development of our members throughout their careers with support in certification, networking, education and research.


Our Chapter will be the premier Association in the Nashville, TN area for the advancement of all work place professionals.

Code of Ethics

The code is designed to foster trust and mutual respect among those working in IFMA and the facility management profession.


To guide and develop the practice of facility management worldwide. IFMA advances the facility management profession through education, credentialing, government relations, professional development/leadership opportunities, research and standards development.


IFMA members shall treat each other with respect when dealing with matters that could affect their professional reputations. All members shall recognize that the profession will be judged by the conduct of individual members

IFMA members shall use IFMA membership as a means of professional development for themselves and not personal aggrandizement.


IFMA members shall maintain the highest professional standards and ethical behavior in their Association relationships. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of mail lists, membership information and membership resources, or any calls, contacts or working relationships outside of IFMA

Conflicts of interest

Promptly disclose any known conflict of interest to related parties, and use any reasonable means to resolve such conflicts.

IFMA members shall not buy or sell products or services at IFMA functions, except at trade shows or displays established for that purpose.

Compliance with laws

IFMA members shall not discriminate because of race, sex, creed, age, disability or national origin as it relates to their Association relationships.

Recognize and discharge my responsibility and that of my Association to uphold all laws and regulations relating to IFMA activities.

Responsibility to Pros

IFMA members shall abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association and shall support the objectives of its strategic plan and show respect in interactions with the interests of the Association.

IFMA members shall not engage in professional malfeasance, nor shall they make any misrepresentation concerning professional designations authorized by IFMA

Protection of Assets

Individuals who oversee Association assets shall apply the best available knowledge and techniques to preserve asset value and integrity.

Fair Dealing

FMA members shall endeavor to deal fairly with other members, competitors, vendors, and employees. No member shall take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, misrepresentation or material facts, or any other unfair dealing practice.

No Unethical Behavior

IFMA members are responsible to report the actions of individuals or companies considered contrary to the Code of Ethics to IFMA.

IFMA shall follow standard procedures for the enforcement of this Code as approved by the IFMA Board of Directors.

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